Hands-Free Intracorporeal Retractors
Eliminate Incisions. Enable Full Surgeon Autonomy. Optimize Visualization. Improve Patient Care.

  • Surgical Retractor
  • Laparoscopic Retractors
  • Liver Retractor

Advancing Intracorporeal Retraction in Laparoscopic and Robotic Procedures

FreeHold Duo® and FreeHold Trio® Retractors are the only fully adjustable, hands-free, completely intracorporeal organ retractors that enable full surgeon autonomy while both optimizing visualization and minimizing incisions during laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

  • Eliminate Incisions
  • Enable Full Surgeon Autonomy
  • Optimize Visualization
  • Improve Patient Care
  • Ideal for a Broad Range of Procedures
  • Fully and Continuously Adjustable
  • Easy to Learn, Use and Teach

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FreeHold's Organ Retractor

Organ Retractor

See our adjustable retractor in action.

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Liver Retraction with the FreeHold Trio

Liver Retractor

Surgical retractor ideally suited for sling-based retraction.

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FreeHold Duo is a Highly Effective Gallbladder Retractor

Tissue Manipulation

Used in a broad range of surgical procedures for tissue manipulation.

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