Adjustable Retractor for Tissue Manipulation
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Created for Surgeons by Surgeons

Fully and Continuously Adjustable

  • Easily customizable for different patient anatomies, organ sizes and procedural techniques
  • Simple to reposition and/or tension intraoperatively
  • Allow for simple, wide range of distance adjustments without repositioning the device

Easy to Learn, Use and Teach

  • Utilize standard tools with no required exchange during the procedure
  • Use trocar needle tip for easy and accurate placement
  • Self-aligning design allows for snag-free insertion and removal of the retractor devices
  • The retractor technique is simple to master


Improve Patient Care by Optimizing Surgical Technique

Eliminate Incisions

  • Deploy through an existing 5mm trocar
  • Minimize the need for additional trocar and/or a robotic tool
  • Eliminate incision-related complications

Enable Full Surgeon Autonomy

  • Surgeon controls positioning and adjustment of retractor
  • Once positioned, surgeon has full use of both hands to perform surgery
  • No coordination with circulator required

Optimize Visualization

  • Easily adjustable throughout the procedure for sustained visibility
  • Enable liver elevation above the costal margin
  • Low profile design minimizes surgical field clutter

Improve Patient Care

  • Minimize complications associated with extra incisions and suboptimal visualization
  • Avoid trauma associated with the use of Nathanson-type retractors

Ideal Laparoscopic and Robotic Retractors for a Broad Range of Surgical Procedures

FreeHold Trio Adjustable Retractor

The FreeHold Trio® Retractor is best used for applications where a sling-based retraction is more applicable, such as liver or uterus retraction.

FreeHold Duo Adjustable Retractor

The FreeHold Duo® Retractor is used for direct organ or tissue retraction including the gallbladder, colon, bladder, etc.

Adjustable Liver Retractor

Tissue Manipulation

Cholecystectomy Retractor